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How to tell if your home needs a new roof?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

One of the biggest investments you will ever make is buying a home so why not make the effort to protect it with a new roof. There are a few tell tell signs that your home is need of a new roof. Here are some simple ways to spot these.

Roofing Contractor

Roof leaks

If you happen to start noticing the color of your ceiling changing from its natural white to an ugly brown or yellow discoloration, It is time to call your local roofing contractor. Here in Indianapolis Indiana Skyline Exterior will come out soon as possible to address the situation.

Older Homes

No need to fear the purchase of a new home, but keep in mind that older homes may be in need of a new roof especially if the roof has past its life expectancy. Check for signs water damage in the attic or on ceilings for evidence of any leaks. Also if you are capable of viewing the roof, look for evidence of granule loss, shingle discoloration, or signs of hail damage that can be spotted as small circular indentations in the roofs surface.

New Style

Some roofs are simply out of style and owners may want a fresh look from than previous roof. In this case take a look at all the different roofing styles and materials that may give your home the appearance you desire. Skyline Exterior provides many different appearances so that your home stands out and matches your personal tastes. Be quick to contact your local roofing contractor in Indianapolis for quality construction.

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