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Warranty Claim on Roof Shingles

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

As a homeowner, you take pride in investing in a quality roof that will last a lifetime, but when the shingles you paid for doesn't last the warranty time of 20 years, 25 years, or 30 years it can be frustrating. Here are some steps to go about when making a claim on your roof shingles. #Skylineinfo

Roofing Contractor

Contact your Local Roofing Contractor

Finding a trusted and reputable roofing contractor in your area is the first step to making sure you get the full amount for your warranty claim. The roofing contractor will inform homeowners exactly the defects of the shingles and provide additional expertise that can be used as extra evidence in your warranty claim. The roofing contractor can point out if the shingles were damaged in a hail storm, by falling debris, or if the problem is a manufacturing defect which should be fully covered. #golocal

Here in Indianapolis, Skyline Exterior enjoys giving our industry knowledge so homeowners feel confident when dealing with the manufacturer of their shingles. We find that it is our duty to keep families informed about their homes and to avoid spending their money on unnecessary costs. #skylineexterior

Contact Owens Corning or Warranty Provider

The most common shingle warranties are provided by Owens Corning. The most effective way is to call or email Owens Corning about the defects of the roofing shingles. Once you have contacted Owens Corning they will send out a Roof Data Technician who will take photos and collect samples of the roof.

Make sure to set up a time and date where you can be present when the roof data technician shows up to your house. You want the roof data technician to take the worst shingles on the roof so that you get more money for your claim.

Follow Up

Owens Corning should provide a voucher for you to give to the roofing contractor when you decide to have the roof replaced. The voucher will provide the information on what type of shingle and the quantity of shingles that are redeemable at Owens Corning shingle distributors.

Its important to remember that the roofing contractor and Owens Corning are in 3rd parties of business and that it is the responsibility of the homeowner to communicate between both Owens Corning and the roofing contractor

  • Find Local Roofing Contractor

  • Contact Owens Corning

  • Set up appointment with Roof Data Technician

  • Provide Voucher to Roofing Contractor

  • Obtain Best Claim on your Roof

Skyline Exterior Informs

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